Welcome to Bayt El Khebra Group - we have over than 80 years of expertise
Experience has roots and foundations

Experience has roots and foundations:

  • Initiative and national commitment were the basis of the first founder of the group, Late/Mr. Abdullah Salam, when he issued the first commercial register in 1949 after years of starting his business activity. The activities were diversified by several investments in the fields of infrastructure such as contribution with steel structure works for the power plants and providing equipments that accompanied the launch of the agricultural mechanization project in the Egyptian countryside, considering his belief that the agriculture is good for the community, and by his mentality which considers the value of energy for the national industry, he initiated for providing all the necessary steel structure for the power plant of Egyptian Iron and Steel giant company in cooperation with the German company AIG .. He sought and joined the businessmen and companies that have witnessed and contributed to their projects in providing the requirements of war 1973, and continued to be committed at the end of the seventies only for charitable and social affairs until his death in 2006... The man was an example to us, So, we are going forward on the same way, aware of our present, and interact with its latest developments and challenges, and as a principle we believe in. So, each generation is to transfer its expertise to remain strongly in the forefront.


  • 1949: Bayt El Khebra is founded by Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah as a steel dealership.
  • 1984: Bayt Elomara founded, later to be merged with other Group companies.
  • 1985: Elmemaryah Construction & Trade founded, to be merged later into the BEK Group.
  • 1996: El Masryeen for Trade & Economic Development is founded.
  • 2000: El Masryeen Economic Development is founded.
  • 2003: Bayt El Khebra Economic Development & Trade is founded.
  • 2005: Technoloease is founded.
  • 2007: Pharos Cement Industry is founded.
  • 2007: Egyptian Company for Urban Development is founded.
  • 2010: El Masryeen Real Estate is founded.
  • 2011: BEK establishes its new headquarters building on the Maadi Corniche.
  • 2014: Elmasreen for Factoring is founded.