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Economic Participations

Sharing Economy:

The sector of sharing depends on the practice of corporate reform and restructuring activities and direct investment services in general and our most important activities:

  • Buying and repairing lost and troubled companies and transforming them into successful and developing entities through financial, technical and administrative restructuring and then offering them for sale.
  • Reforming the companies that are losing and stumbling to their owners by providing highly qualified personnel.
  • Provide promotion services to increase corporate capital or borrow for the purpose of expanding investment.
  • Planning, organizing and overseeing M & A transactions between companies, whether acquisition or merger with other companies (buying party) or companies that want to be sold to other companies (selling party). We evaluate companies and advise their owners on the suitability of prices offered and whether The sale or purchase is appropriate, and we supervise the preparation of the financial and legal documents required to complete the mergers or acquisitions.
  • We carry out our extensive experience in the management of companies in the field of financial consulting, such as preparing the research required by the client, evaluating and knowing the feasibility of some decisions that the client intends to make and the impact of these decisions on the future of the company taking into account the circumstances and the surrounding environment and the ability of the company management to deal with the future effects of these decisions successfully.