Welcome to Bayt El Khebra Group - we have over 80 years of expertise
Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message:

  • Welcome to BEK, a leading financer, financial services and business advisory group in Cairo, Egypt. Our services cover a multitude of industries, reflecting the diverse nature of Egypt’s dynamic emerging economy.
  • BEK’s most valuable asset is its network of prominent business experts, all of whom are veteran leaders in their respective fields. Our experts understand the pulse of the national market and, consequently, have a solid track record in detecting emerging business trends.
  • We combine human talent with financial resources to help companies expand, restructure or streamline operations as needed.
  • BEK is also a group holding company with several subsidiaries companies in the growing fields of finance leasing, real estate financing, investment and advisory, trade and distribution and manufacturing.
  • While BEK specializes in the business of finance and advisory services, we have a deep appreciation for the potential role that business can play in economic development and social mobility. Beyond profits, our business plays a critical role in not only providing needed capital, but we also aim to develop our communities in which we operate, all of which contribute to the overall betterment of society. It is this holistic view of business and entrepreneurship that drives our efforts to help our clients with their endeavors.