Welcome to Bayt El Khebra Group - we have over 80 years of expertise
Bayt El Khebra for Economic Development (TED)
Bayt El Khebra for Economic Development (TED) offers different financial and consultant solutions

  • Established in accordance with the decision of the General Authority of Investment and Free Zones in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 195 of 1981

Bayt El Khebra .. Integrated mix of advisory studies and competencies and financing services
Companies Activities

  • First: Integrated Consultancy and Expertise (Support and Decision Making): Studying the different impacts on the institutions and exploiting their indicators to rely on them in order to develop their plans. Providing commercial and economic information on market studies. Providing connections between customers and global markets. Conducting training, seminars and courses in various fields of activities.

  • Second : Economic Sharing: The use of distinguished experience in different aspects of activity, either in return for their fees or share share of the joint companies in the various areas of their activities to be charged for the management of these companies as the partner and the responsible manager.

  • Third: Crises management: The presence of the elements first and second within the activities of the company make us more appropriate to manage crises and deal with them. It does not only have the ability to determine the right vision for the best possible solutions to crises, disputes and problems with its expertise, but also by being a key player in achieving these solutions and raising the necessary funds to implement them either through the financing part of the company or through the sister companies in the group in the fields of finance leasing and real estate finance

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