Bayt El Khebra for Economic Development (TED)

Established in accordance with the decision of the General Authority of Investment and Free Zones in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 195 of 1981, it offers the following services:

First: Integrated Consulting (Decision Making and Support): In light of the major developments that took place in all disciplines, which any institution might need to administrate their work and achieve its goals in different aspects such as economic, Tax, financing, banking, legal, marketing and human resources……

Usually the views and tips of the specialists tends to conflict with the other side requirements, as an opinion on tax may have a negative effects on the financial side, banking operation or may be a legal opinion has a side effect on taxation Level.

Having this in mind we have been keen on the unique diversity of different experiences, And on a high level in all disciplines, so we are forming a joint commissions with a verity of prestige’s expertise to coordinate together to gain access to the best ways and methods to achieve the goals of clients without ramifications or side effects at any level.

That includes the following aspects:

  • Studying the different effects on the institutions and using its indicators in the development plans.
  • Providing information on trade, economic studies of the market.
  • Establishing links between clients and global market.
  • Carry out training, courses and seminars in different fields and activities.

Second :Economic Participation: Liaising with the expertise in various aspects whether fees are paid or by share holding post they are assigned to direct the companies as partner and manager in charge for a cretin fees. In case the client got a contract and needs to finance a capital for this contract whether the contract is a supply contract, manufacturing or construction, at that time the company provides the fund required to participate in this contract without entering into partnership with the client in the rest of his activities.

Third: Crisis Management (Problems and conflicts solution): The existence of the two previous components within the company's activities increases the ability of crisis management and resolving conflicts, problems. We’re not only having the insight to choose the most doable and appropriate solutions with our expertise, we even go beyond that by being a key player in implementing these solutions, Providing the funds required for their implementation, either by the financial part of the company or by other companies in the group working in the fields of leasing, real Estate.