Financial Leasing Services

Providing creative financing options to allow clients to achieve their goals

BEK’s Finance Leasing activities are designed to allow clients to gain access to the assets they need without tying up excessive sums from their cash flows. Contracts for Finance Leasing clients provide them the option to purchase the assets at the end of the lease period.

Finance Leasing is particularly useful for small to large-sized businesses that are looking to grow without impairing liquidity or disrupting the working capital cycle. We provide up to 90% of the asset price, satisfying our clients’ need for medium to long-term financing and maximizing their financial liquidity.

Advantages to the Client:

  • Maintains Liquidity: Installment payments rather than large up-front cash payments frees up cash for other project needs, and terms are negotiated based on the client’s cash flow needs rather than a bank’s formulas.
  • Diverse: Gives clients access to diverse sources of funding.
  • Fast: When time is of the essence, non-bank finance can be a useful tool for clients in need of equipment and / or raw materials on short notice.
  • Flexible: Early settlement / accelerated repayment are encouraged.
  • Transferrable: Contracts can be transferred with consent of the lessor.
  • Responsive to Client Needs: The contracts give the client the freedom to choose whether to lease-to-own, or simply lease, depending on their long-term needs. The lease-to-own contracts allow the client to benefit from the rental values paid, as these are applied to the final purchase price.
  • Tax-free: Rental payments are not subject to tax on services provided for under the General Sales Tax Law.

Finacial Leaseing Laws:

BEK’s Finance Leasing services are provided through its company Technolease. Click here to learn more...